The Fun House

The Fun House by Dana Littlejohn




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Diamond Jones hasn’t had the greatest luck when it came to the opposite sex, so she hasn’t dated for two years. Her best friend, Tia, comes to visit and decides that fun is going to be their top priority for the weekend. To achieve her objective, Tia enlists Kain Williams and his friend Trey. Will the men help or hinder the women in obtaining their ultimate goal? Or will Diamond’s biggest fears in life prevail?


“Ladies, a greeting to you and my thanks for coming to The Floating Saké Hut. I am your chef, Po.”

Po had a soft, crackly voice and a kind face set with deep wrinkles. He was shorter than average for a man, barely taller than Diamond herself, but the tall white pleated hat he wore made him seem taller. Falling onto the shoulders of his oversized, double-breasted white chef’s coat were several strands of dull gray hair, and when he rolled up the long sleeves, it showed his thin arms and gnarly hands.

Diamond feared for him as he grabbed the large, sharp looking blades he would use to cut the food, but once he started cooking, her fear disappeared. Po’s skill left her and Tia in wide-eyed wonder.

Po chopped and sliced with the skill and ease of years of practice. Throwing mushrooms, onions, shrimp and chicken into the air, he had them sliced up before they could hit the grill.

Tia reached for the carafe, but Po used his blades to pick up the carafe. Diamond and Tia both jumped back with a gasp. He refilled the cup for her, switched blades and continued cooking without missing a beat. In no time, he placed the food on their plates and bowed to them. Both their mouths were ajar when they looked at each other.

“Enjoy your meal,” Po said with another bow, then pushed his cart away.

They ate and finished off the rest of their saké. Tia signaled the waiter.

“Are you getting us another carafe?” Diamond asked after finishing her drink.

“Nope. I’m sending our cute friends over there a hello gesture.”

“Yes, ma’am. How can I help you?” the waiter asked.

“Will you send those two gentlemen at the back table a drink of whatever they’re having, with compliments from my friend, please?”

Diamond’s head popped up, her mouth too full to protest.

“Of course,” he said with a slight smile.

“Oh, calm down before you choke. We’re about to start our fun weekend.”

Tia smiled brightly. Diamond groaned inwardly and finished eating, staring at Sung Yu’s back as he stood before the men with their drinks.

Diamond continued eating while giving into the frequent urge to glace at Sung Yu’s whereabouts. From her seat she could clearly see the men Tia sent the drinks to. They were very attractive and just as different in appearance as she and Tia were. One brown-skinned with a goatee and no hair on his head, the other, lighter with hair on his head but not his face. He spoke to the men for a moment before handing them their drinks. The men turned as Sung Yu indicated her and Tia. Diamond stifled a squeal at being caught staring, then averted her eyes. Tia, however, lifted her glass.

“What are you doing?” Diamond mumbled, nudging her.

“What? I was saying hello.”

When the men rose with obvious intent of coming to their table, Diamond gasped.

“Look what you did,” she whispered, urgently poking Tia in the side. “Now they’re coming over here.”

“Yes,” she hissed under her breath. Tia wiped her mouth quickly, then reapplied her lipstick. “I call dibs on the big one.”

Diamond scoffed. She reached up, but dropped her arm. Before she could smack Tia in the head, the men had reached the table.

“Good evening, ladies. We wanted to come over and personally thank you for the drinks.”

“Of course,” Tia said with a smile.

“My name is Treyvon Dillon, but my friends call me Trey.” He extended his hand. “This is my friend Kain Williams.” He nodded in his friend’s direction.

Tia stood to shake his hand and was almost eye-to-eye with him. She smiled at the shocked look he quickly tried to mask.

“Hi Trey, I’m Tia Johnson and this is my friend, Diamond Jones.”

They all shook hands exchanging greetings. Trey and Kain joined them while they finished their drinks and the girls finished another carafe.

“It’s getting late,” Trey said with a quick look at his watch.

“Would it be okay to finish this conversation with you ladies somewhere more casual?”

“Sure, where do you want to go?” Tia asked, always ready for anything.

“Well, if it’s okay, I’d like to stop by my place and change if we’re going somewhere. I just got off work,” Kain suggested.

Diamond quietly assessed him. His lovely smile, cute dimples and beauty mark on his lower cheek made him very attractive. She thought he was already dressed casually in black pants and a short sleeve mock neck shirt. Turning toward Trey, Diamond’s head tilted slightly. Trey wore a beige linen suit with a black T-shirt and shoes. His outfit was casual as well, but different in a way, almost sexy. Her brow rose as she wondered where a man worked that he would think to dress sexy. She looked at Tia and shrugged.

“No problem, we’ll meet you outside,” Tia told them.